Date Title Speaker Description Listen Sermon Outline
2/11/2018 You Must Be Born Again Dr. Kevin Chiarot John 3:1-17 Listen
2/04/2018 Destroy This Temple Dr. Kevin Chiarot John 2:13-22 Listen
1/28/2018 The Wine of the Kingdom Dr. Kevin Chiarot John 2:1-11 Listen
1/21/2018 Come and See Dr. Kevin Chiarot John 1:35-51 Listen
1/17/2018 On the Mountain Justin Chiarot Mark 9:2-10 Listen
1/07/2018 Jesus Revealed to Israel Dr. Kevin Chiarot John 1:29-34 Listen
12/31/2017 Light for the World Dr. Kevin Chiarot Matthew 2:1-12 Listen
12/24/2017 The Theology of Christmas Dr. Kevin Chiarot John 1:1-5, 9-13 Listen
12/17/2017 The Voice Dr. Kevin Chiarot John 1:6-8, 19-28 Listen
12/10/2017 The family and the Family Dr. Kevin Chiarot Ruth 4:13-22 Listen
12/03/2017 Boaz and Mr. So and So Dr. Kevin Chiarot Ruth 4:1-12 Listen
11/26/2017 Ruth and Her Redeemer Dr. Kevin Chiarot Ruth 3:1-18 Listen
11/19/2017 Unceasing Kindness Dr. Kevin Chiarot Ruth 2:1-23 Listen
11/12/2017 The Return to Bethlehem Dr. Kevin Chiarot Ruth 1:6-22 Listen
11/05/2017 A Frowning Providence Dr. Kevin Chiarot Ruth 1:1-5 Listen
10/29/2017 The Preeminence of Christ Rev. Tim Chiarot Colossians 1:15-33 Listen
10/22/2017 Called Dr. Michael Alford Ephesians 4:1-7 Listen
10/15/2017 Be Still and Know Rev. Bill Spanjer Matthew 8:23-27 Listen
10/08/2017 The Chariot Throne of God Justin Chiarot Ezekiel 1:1-28 Listen
10/01/2017 Come Lord Jesus Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 22:6-21 Listen
9/25/2017 Temple, Garden, City Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 21:22-22:5 Listen
9/17/2017 The Bride City Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 21:9-21 Listen
9/10/2017 The New Creation Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 21:1-8 Listen
9/03/2017 The Last Enemies Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 20:7-15 Listen
8/27/2017 The Millennium Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 20:1-6 Listen
8/20/2017 Holy War and the Great Supper of God Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 19:11-21 Listen
8/13/2017 Hallelujah Choruses Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 19:1-10 Listen
8/06/2017 The Fall of Babylon - Cultural Desolution Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 18:20-24 Listen
7/30/2017 The Fall of Babylon - Economic Collapse Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 18:9-19 Listen
7/23/2017 The Fall of Babylon - Final Announcement Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 18:1-8 Listen
7/16/2017 The Fall of Babylon - Civil War Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 17:15-18 Listen
7/09/2017 The Woman on the Beast - Part II Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 17:7-14 Listen
7/02/2017 The Woman on the Beast Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 17:1-6 Listen
6/25/2017 The Seven Bowls of Wrath, Part II Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 16:12-21 Listen
6/18/2017 The Seven Bowls of Wrath Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 16:1-11 Listen
6/11/2017 Grace, Love, and Communion Dr. Kevin Chiarot 2 Corinthians 13:11-14 Listen
6/04/2017 The Song of Moses and the Lamb Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 15:1-18 Listen
6/03/2017 Ascension Essentials Dr. Michael Alford Acts 1:1-11 Listen
5/21/2017 The Two Harvests Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 14:14-20 Listen
5/14/2017 Angels We Have Heard on High Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 14:6-13 Listen
5/07/2017 The Lamb and the 144,000 Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 14:1-5 Listen
4/30/2017 The Beast From the Land Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 13:11-18 Listen
4/23/2017 The Beast from the Sea Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 13:1-10 Listen
4/16/2017 He Has Done It Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 22:1-2, 19-31 Listen
4/14/2017 Good Friday Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 88 Listen
4/13/2017 Maundy Thursday Sermon Dr. Kevin Chiarot John 13:1-17,31-35 Listen
4/09/2017 Royal Procession Dr. Kevin Chiarot Matthew 21:1-11 Listen
4/05/2017 Lenten Service - The Narrow and the Wide Gates Dr. Kevin Chiarot Matthew 7:13-14 Listen
4/02/2017 Blessedness and Prayer Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 119:1-8 Listen
3/29/2017 Lenten Service - Sermon on the Mount and Prayer Dr. Kevin Chiarot Matthew 7:7-12 Listen
3/26/2017 The Timbrel and the Two-Edged Sword Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 149 Listen
3/22/2017 Lent 4: Judging, Correcting and Sharing Dr. Kevin Chiarot Matthew 7:1-6 Listen
3/19/2017 All Creatures of Our God and King Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 148 Listen
3/12/2017 Unsearchable Greatness Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 145 Listen
3/05/2017 Search Me O God Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 139 Listen
3/01/2017 Lent 1: Testing the Son of God Dr. Kevin Chiarot Matthew 4:1-11 Listen
2/26/2017 A Tale of Two Cities Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 137 Listen
2/19/2017 Good and Pleasant Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 133 Listen
2/05/2017 Hubris, Humility and Hope Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 131 Listen
1/29/2017 From Out of the Depths I Cry Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 130 Listen
1/22/2017 The House the Lord Builds Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 127 Listen
1/15/2017 The Servant, Justice and Creation Dr. Kevin Chiarot Isaiah 42:1-9 Listen
1/08/2017 The Mystery Revealed Dr. Kevin Chiarot Ephesians 3:1-12 Listen
1/01/2017 The Good Shepherd Rev. Stephen Spanjer John 10:1-4 Listen
12/25/2016 The Speech and the Son Dr. Kevin Chiarot Hebrews 1:1-4 Listen
12/24/2016 The Birth of the Sovereign Lord Dr. Kevin Chiarot Luke 2:13-20 Listen
12/18/2016 The Sure Mercies of David Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 89 Listen
12/11/2016 Restoring Ruler Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 146 Listen
12/04/2016 Make Your Face Shine Upon Us Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 80 Listen
11/27/2016 The Peace of Jerusalem Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 122 Listen
11/20/2016 The Guardian of Israel Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 121 Listen
11/13/2016 He Who Comes in the Name of the Lord Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 118 Listen
11/06/2016 The Maker of Heaven and Earth Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 115 Listen
10/30/2016 Growing in Knowledge Dr. Michael Alford 2 Peter 1:1-21 Listen
10/23/2016 Grow in Grace Dr. Michael Alford 2 Peter 3:3-18 Listen
10/16/2016 Works and Word Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 111 Listen
10/09/2016 King and Priest Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 110 Listen
10/02/2016 Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 103 Listen
9/25/2016 A Righteous Administration Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 101 Listen
9/18/2016 Worship and the Word Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 95 Listen
9/11/2016 Vengeance is Mine Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 94 Listen
9/04/2016 Our Eternal Home Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 90 Listen
8/28/2016 When Righteousness and Peace Kiss Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 85 Listen
8/21/2016 Desire, Pilgrimage and Destination Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 84 Listen
8/14/2016 Surely God is Good to Israel Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 73 Listen
8/07/2016 Life and Light Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 36 Listen
7/31/2016 The Joy of Sins Forgiven Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 32 Listen
7/24/2016 Victory for the King Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 20 Listen
7/17/2016 Flight or Faith? Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 11 Listen
7/10/2016 In the Storms of Life Dr. Michael Alford Mark 4:35-41 Listen
7/03/2016 The Foundation of Freedom Dr. Michael Alford Deuteronomy 8:1-20 Listen
6/26/2016 The Cry of the Falsely Accused Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 7 Listen
6/19/2016 Heal Me, O Lord Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 6 Listen
6/12/2016 Shadows at Dawn Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 5 Listen
6/05/2016 Favor in Distress Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 4 Listen
5/29/2016 From the Lord Comes Deliverance Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 3 Listen
5/22/2016 The Spirit, The Son and the Father Dr. Kevin Chiarot John 3:1-17 Listen
5/15/2016 War in the Wilderness Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 12:13-17 Listen
5/08/2016 War in Heaven Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 12:7-12 Listen
5/01/2016 The Woman and the Dragon Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 12:1-6 Listen
4/30/2016 The Seventh Trumpet Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 11:14-19 Listen
4/17/2016 The Conquered and Vindicated Witness Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 11:7-13 Listen
4/10/2016 The Measured Witnesses Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 11:1-6 Listen
4/03/2016 John Eats the Scroll Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 10:1-11 Listen
3/27/2016 The Resurrection of the Body Dr. Kevin Chiarot 1 Corinthians 15:35-58 Listen
3/25/2016 The Thief on the Cross Dr. Kevin Chiarot Luke 23:32-43 Listen
3/24/2016 Three Cups - Maundy Thursday Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 116:12-19 Listen
3/20/2016 The Palm Sunday Church Dr. Kevin Chiarot Philippians 2:1-13 Listen
3/13/2016 Holy Bible, Book Divine Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 8:13 - 9:21 Listen
3/06/2016 Opening the 7th Seal Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 8:1-12 Listen
2/28/2016 The Great Multitude Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 7:9-17 Listen
2/21/2016 The 144,000 Sealed Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 7:1-8 Listen
2/14/2016 Opening the Seals Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 6:1-17 Listen
2/07/2016 The Scroll and the Lamb Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 5:1-14 Listen
1/24/2016 The Church at Laodicea Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 3:14-22 Listen
1/17/2016 The Church of Philadelphia Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 3:7-13 Listen
1/10/2016 The Baptism of Jesus Dr. Kevin Chiarot Mark 1:1-11 Listen
1/03/2016 King of All Kings Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 72:1-17 Listen
12/27/2015 Christmas Shadows Dr. Kevin Chiarot Luke 2:21-35 Listen
12/24/2015 Grace, Education, Glory - Christmas Eve Sermon Dr. Kevin Chiarot Titus 2:11-14 Listen
12/20/2015 Advent Gospel Dr. Kevin Chiarot Romans 1:1-6 Listen
12/13/2015 Advent Patience Dr. Kevin Chiarot James 5:7-11 Listen
12/06/2015 The Lord's Christ Rev. Dagan Mayfield Luke 2:22-38 Listen
12/06/2015 Advent Hope Dr. Kevin Chiarot Romans 15:7-13 Listen
11/29/2015 The Time and the Clothing Dr. Kevin Chiarot Romans 13:11-14 Listen
11/22/2015 Restoration is Reminder Rev. Caleb LaRue John 21:15-25 Listen
11/08/2015 Re-Thinking Trials and Prayer Rev. Caleb LaRue Luke 22:23-34 Listen
11/01/2015 The Church at Sardis Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 3:1-6 Listen
10/25/2015 The Church at Thyatira Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 2:18-29 Listen
10/18/2015 The Church at Pergamum Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 2:12-17 Listen
10/11/2015 The Church at Smyrna Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 2:8-11 Listen
10/04/2015 The Church at Ephesus Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 2:1-7 Listen
9/27/2015 The Glorified Christ Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 1:9-20 Listen
9/20/2015 Greetings From the Holy Trinity Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 1:4-8 Listen
9/13/2015 The Revelation of Jesus Christ Dr. Kevin Chiarot Revelation 1:1-3 Listen
9/06/2015 Paul at Athens II Dr. Kevin Chiarot Acts 17:22-31 Listen
8/30/2015 Paul at Athens Dr. Kevin Chiarot Acts 17:15-21 Listen
8/23/2015 Covenant Renewal at Shechem Dr. Kevin Chiarot Joshua 24:1-22 Listen
8/16/2015 Famous Last Words Dr. Kevin Chiarot Joshua 23:1-16 Listen
8/09/2015 Levitical Cities Dr. Kevin Chiarot Joshua 21:1-3, 41-45 Listen
8/02/2015 Cities of Refuge Dr. Kevin Chiarot Joshua 20:1-9 Listen
7/26/2015 The Treaty Tested Dr. Kevin Chiarot Joshua 10:1-27 Listen
7/19/2015 Beware of Appearances Dr. Kevin Chiarot Joshua 9:1-27 Listen
7/12/2015 Covenant Renewal Dr. Kevin Chiarot Joshua 8:30-35 Listen
7/05/2015 Celebrate Dr. Michael Alford Revelation 5:1-14 Listen
6/28/2015 Wrath and Restoration Dr. Kevin Chiarot Joshua 7:1-26 Listen
6/21/2015 Holy War Dr. Kevin Chiarot Deut. 20:16-19 Listen
6/14/2015 The 'Battle' of Jericho Dr. Kevin Chiarot Joshua 6:1-21 Listen
6/07/2015 Preparing for Holy War Dr. Kevin Chiarot Joshua 5:1-15 Listen
5/31/2015 Elders and Deacons Dr. Kevin Chiarot 1 Timothy 3:1-13 Listen
5/24/2015 The Anti-Pentecost Dr. Kevin Chiarot Genesis 11:1-9 Listen
5/17/2015 Ascension and Conquest Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 47 Listen
5/10/2015 Crossing the Jordan Dr. Kevin Chiarot Joshua 3:1-17 Listen
5/03/2015 The Salvation of Rahab Dr. Kevin Chiarot Joshua 2:1-24 Listen
4/26/2015 God's Charge to Joshua Dr. Kevin Chiarot Joshua 1:1-9 Listen
4/19/2015 The Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector Dr. Kevin Chiarot Luke 18:9-14 Listen
4/05/2015 The Resurrection of the Dead Dr. Kevin Chiarot 1 Corinthians 15:12-34 Listen
3/29/2015 The Cost of Discipleship Dr. Kevin Chiarot Luke 14:25-33 Listen
3/22/2015 The Parable of the Rich Man Dr. Kevin Chiarot Luke 16:19-31 Listen
3/08/2015 The Parable of the Shrewd Manager Dr. Kevin Chiarot Luke 16:1-13 Listen
3/01/2015 The Parable of the Prodigal Son Dr. Kevin Chiarot Luke 15:11-32 Listen
2/22/2015 The Parable of the Rich Fool Dr. Kevin Chiarot Luke 12:13-21 Listen
2/15/2015 The Parable of the Friends at Midnight Dr. Kevin Chiarot Luke 11:5-13 Listen
2/08/2015 The Parable of the Good Samaritan Dr. Kevin Chiarot Luke 10:25-37 Listen
2/01/2015 The Parable of the Two Debtors Dr. Kevin Chiarot Luke 7:36-50 Listen
1/25/2015 The Parable of the Talents Dr. Kevin Chiarot Matthew 25:14-30 Listen
1/10/2015 The Baptism of Jesus Dr. Kevin Chiarot Mark 1:1-11 Listen
1/04/2015 Light for the World Dr. Kevin Chiarot Matthew 2:1-12 Listen
12/28/2014 The Ever Expanding Choir Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 98 Listen
12/21/2014 The Mother of our Lord Dr. Kevin Chiarot Luke 1:39-55 Listen
12/14/2014 Preparing for the King, Part II Dr. Kevin Chiarot Luke 3:7-18 Listen
12/07/2014 Preparing for the King, Part I Dr. Kevin Chiarot Luke 3:1-6 Listen
11/23/2014 The Parable of the Sheep and the Goats Dr. Kevin Chiarot Matthew 25:31-46 Listen
11/16/2014 The Parable of the Ten Virgins Dr. Kevin Chiarot Matthew 25:1-13 Listen
11/09/2014 The Parable of the Wedding Banquet Dr. Kevin Chiarot Matthew 22:1-14 Listen
11/02/2014 The Parable of the Tenants Dr. Kevin Chiarot Matthew 21:31-46 Listen
10/25/2014 The Just Will Live By Faith Rev. Mark Diedrich Galatians 3:6-14 Listen
10/19/2014 The Parable of the Two Sons Dr. Kevin Chiarot Matthew 21:28-32 Listen
10/12/2014 The Parable of the Eccentric Landowner Dr. Kevin Chiarot Matthew 20:1-16 Listen
10/05/2014 The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant Dr. Kevin Chiarot Matthew 18:21-35 Listen
9/28/2014 The Parable of the Mustard Seed and the Yeast Dr. Kevin Chiarot Matthew 13:31-33 Listen
9/21/2014 The Parable of the Hidden Treasure Dr. Kevin Chiarot Matthew 13:44-46 Listen
9/14/2014 The Parable of the Wheat and the Weeds Dr. Kevin Chiarot Matthew 13:24-30 Listen
9/07/2014 The Parable of the Sower Dr. Kevin Chiarot Matthew 13:1-23 Listen
8/31/2014 The Man of Psalm 8 Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 8 Listen
8/24/2014 The Lord is My Shepherd Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 23 Listen
8/17/2014 The King's Wedding Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 45 Listen
8/10/2014 Magnifying God Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 34 Listen
8/03/2014 Covenant Delight Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 16 Listen
7/27/2014 Dwelling in Zion Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 15 Listen
7/20/2014 Blessed is the One Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 1 Listen
7/13/2014 Peter's Confession, Part II Rev. Mark Diedrich John 6:53-71 Listen
6/29/2014 Fret Not Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 37 Listen
6/22/2014 A Covenant for Sinners Dr. Kevin Chiarot Psalm 25 Listen
6/15/2014 Grace, Love, and Communion Dr. Kevin Chiarot 2 Corinthians 13:11-14 Listen
6/08/2014 New Day, New People, New World Dr. Kevin Chiarot Acts 2:1-21 Listen
6/01/2014 The Ascension Commission Dr. Kevin Chiarot Luke 24:44-53 Listen
5/18/2014 The Good Shepherd - Part 2 Dr. Kevin Chiarot John 10:11-18 Listen
5/11/2014 The Good Shepherd Dr. Kevin Chiarot John 10:1-10 Listen
5/04/2014 Stand and Fight Dr. Kevin Chiarot Ephesians 6:10-20 Listen
4/27/2014 Children, Parents, Masters and Slaves Dr. Kevin Chiarot Ephesians 6:1-9 Listen
4/20/2014 The Gospel and it's Witnesses Dr. Kevin Chiarot 1 Corinthians 15:1-11 Listen
4/13/2014 A Triumphal Entry Dr. Kevin Chiarot Luke 19:28-44 Listen
4/06/2014 Wives and Husbands Dr. Kevin Chiarot Ephesians 5:21-33 Listen
3/30/2014 The Antithesis Dr. Kevin Chiarot Ephesians 5:3-20 Listen
3/23/2014 A New Suit of Clothes Dr. Kevin Chiarot Ephesians 4:17 - 5:2 Listen
3/16/2014 Unity in Diversity Dr. Kevin Chiarot Ephesians 4:7-16 Listen
3/09/2014 The Unity of the Church Dr. Kevin Chiarot Ephesians 4:1-6 Listen
3/02/2014 Glory in Advance Dr. Kevin Chiarot Matthew 17:1-9 Listen
2/23/2014 Praying for the One New Man Dr. Kevin Chiarot Ephesians 3:14-21 Listen
2/16/2014 The Mystery of Christ Dr. Kevin Chiarot Ephesians 3:1-11 Listen
2/09/2014 The Third Race Dr. Kevin Chiarot Ephesians 2:11-22 Listen
2/02/2014 The Great Transition Dr. Kevin Chiarot Ephesians 2:1-10 Listen
1/26/2014 Praying for the Elect Dr. Kevin Chiarot Ephesians 1:15-23 Listen
1/19/2014 Every Spiritual Blessing Dr. Kevin Chiarot Ephesians 1:3-14 Listen
7/28/2013 Some Imperatives to Remember Dr. John Vance Listen
7/14/2013 The Lord Reigns Dr. John Vance Listen
7/14/2013 SS Philosophy Lecture - Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan Justin Chiarot Listen
7/07/2013 Wrestling Jacob Dr. John Vance Listen
7/07/2013 SS Philosophy Lecture - Kant's Copernican Revolution Justin Chiarot Listen
6/30/2013 Patters of the Faithful Dr. John Vance Listen
6/30/2013 SS Philosophy Lecture - Locke -vs- Berkley Justin Chiarot Listen
6/23/2013 The New Life Dr. John Vance Listen
6/16/2013 Justification Through Faith Not Law Dr. John Vance Listen
6/16/2013 SS Philosophy Lecture - Leibniz Monadology Justin Chiarot Listen
6/09/2013 Ordination of Deacon and installation of Officers Dr. John Vance Listen
6/02/2013 No Other Gospel Dr. John Vance Listen
6/02/2013 SS Philosophy Lecture - Descartes Justin Chiarot Listen
5/26/2013 The Blessed Trinity Dr. John Vance Listen
5/26/2013 SS Philosophy Lecture - The Problem of Evil Justin Chiarot Listen
5/19/2013 Pentecost Dr. John Vance Listen
5/19/2013 SS Philosophy Lecture - Doctrine of Four Causes Justin Chiarot Listen
5/12/2013 The Lord Reigns Dr. John Vance Listen
5/05/2013 Open Hearts, Open Minds Dr. John Vance Listen
5/05/2013 SS Philosophy Lecture - Aristotle Justin Chiarot Listen
4/28/2013 Love - Is it Enough? Dr. John Vance Listen
4/28/2013 SS Philosophy Lecture - The Euthyphro by Plato Justin Chiarot Listen
4/21/2013 The Believer's Security Dr. John Vance Listen
4/21/2013 SS Philosophy Lecture - Plato Part II Justin Chiarot Listen
4/14/2013 Restoration Farewell Dr. John Vance Listen
4/14/2013 SS Philosophy Lecture - Introduction to Plato Justin Chiarot Listen
4/07/2013 From Unbelief to Belief Dr. John Vance Listen
3/31/2013 Witness Dr. John Vance Listen
3/24/2013 He Was Crucified in Weakness Dr. John Vance Listen
3/17/2013 You Must Be Born Again Dr. John Vance Listen
3/10/2013 He Was Lost and is Found Dr. John Vance Listen
3/03/2013 Your Sins Have Separated You From God Dr. John Vance Listen
2/24/2013 Stand Firm Dr. John Vance Listen
2/17/2013 Trust in the Lord Dr. John Vance Listen
2/10/2013 Here am I, Send Me Dr. John Vance Listen
2/03/2013 Ambassadors of Christ Dr. John Vance Listen
1/27/2013 Precious Life Dr. John Vance Listen
1/20/2013 Jesus' First Miracle Sign Dr. John Vance Listen
1/13/2013 The Baptism of Jesus Dr. John Vance Listen
1/06/2013 The Light of the World Dr. John Vance Listen
12/30/2012 Jesus in the Temple Dr. John Vance Listen
12/23/2012 Mary the Mother of Jesus Dr. John Vance Listen
12/09/2012 Day of Christ Dr. John Vance Listen
12/02/2012 God Dwells With Us Dr. John Vance Listen
11/25/2012 Christ the King Dr. John Vance Listen
11/11/2012 Once for All Dr. John Vance Listen
11/04/2012 The Raising of Lazarus Dr. John Vance Listen
10/28/2012 Justification Through Faith Dr. John Vance Listen
10/21/2012 Superstition Dr. John Vance Listen
10/14/2012 Dishonesty Dr. John Vance Listen
10/07/2012 Cruelty Dr. John Vance Listen
9/30/2012 Fear Dr. John Vance Listen
9/21/2012 The Lord's Supper - Presbytery Lecture Dr. Craig Higgins Listen
9/16/2012 Gluttony Dr. John Vance Listen
9/09/2012 Greed Dr. John Vance Listen
8/26/2012 Anger Dr. John Vance Listen
8/19/2012 Envy Dr. John Vance Listen
8/12/2012 Pride Dr. John Vance Listen
8/05/2012 I Have Sinned Dr. John Vance Listen
7/29/2012 Who Proceeds from the Father and the Son Rev. Mark Diedrich Listen
7/22/2012 The Resurrection of the Body Dr. John Vance Listen
7/15/2012 The Forgiveness of Sins Dr. John Vance Listen
7/08/2012 The Arm of the Lord Dr. Kevin Chiarot Listen
7/01/2012 I Believe in the Communion of the Saints Dr. John Vance Listen
6/24/2012 I Believe in One Church Dr. John Vance Listen
6/17/2012 I Believe in the Church of the Apostles Dr. John Vance Listen
6/10/2012 I Believe in the Church Dr. John Vance Listen
6/03/2012 The Triune God Dr. John Vance Listen
5/27/2012 I Believe in the Holy Spirit Dr. John Vance Listen
5/20/2012 He Ascended Into Heaven Dr. John Vance Listen
5/13/2012 Seeing Clearly Rev. William Spanjer Listen
5/06/2012 I Believe in Jesus Christ Dr. John Vance Listen
4/29/2012 The Father Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth Dr. John Vance Listen
4/22/2012 Our Father Dr. John Vance Listen
4/15/2012 Forming Beliefs Dr. John Vance Listen
4/08/2012 If Christ Be Not Raised Dr. John Vance Listen
4/01/2012 The Triumphal Entry Dr. John Vance Listen
3/25/2012 Now is the Judgement of this World Dr. John Vance Listen
3/18/2012 Embrace the Light Dr. John Vance Listen
3/11/2012 Righteous Anger Dr. John Vance Listen
3/04/2012 Words to the Wise Dr. John Vance Listen
2/26/2012 Saved Through Water Dr. John Vance Listen
2/19/2012 Unintended Consequences Dr. John Vance Listen
2/12/2012 Struggles Dr. John Vance Listen
2/05/2012 The Trials of Faith Dr. John Vance Listen
1/29/2012 Go! Dr. John Vance Listen
1/15/2012 The Baptism of the Lord Dr. John Vance Listen
1/08/2012 The Light - Epiphany Dr. John Vance Listen
1/01/2012 Did Jesus Bring Peace? Dr. John Vance Listen
12/25/2011 The Word Became Flesh Dr. John Vance Listen
12/18/2011 Servant Mother Dr. John Vance Listen
12/11/2011 The Year of the Lord's Favor Dr. John Vance Listen
12/04/2011 We Are Like Grass Dr. John Vance Listen
11/27/2011 Where are You Lord? Dr. John Vance Listen
11/20/2011 The Power That is at Work Dr. John Vance Listen
11/13/2011 Be Alert Dr. John Vance Listen
11/06/2011 Watch and Be Ready Dr. John Vance Listen
10/23/2011 Spending and Being Spent Dr. John Vance Listen
9/18/2011 The Service and Discipline of Worship Dr. John Vance Listen
12/12/2010 Knock, Knock Dr. John Vance Listen